What is okayjoy?

We all know what a shit sandwich 2020 was…

In March of 2020, I was temporarily released from my full-time job as COVID-19 set in. The first 3 weeks were very scary as far as the unknown goes. Not knowing what toll COVID would take on our world and people, not knowing if my fiancé or I would have jobs in a few months, not knowing how I could protect myself and my loved ones during this extremely trying time.

Halfway into my 6-week work release, I found a small slice of personal joy. I started doing something that I genuinely loved.

These are all things I find a lot of joy in and so I decided to start sharing it with people! Over the next three weeks, I found joy in waking up and actually doing my hair and makeup and getting dressed, all while I was sharing it with my Instagram followers. My following started slowly growing and I was noticing that what I was posting was making other people happy and taking their minds off what all was going on in our world.

At one point I thought to myself, maybe I should start a blog?!

Sharing a picture is great for Instagram, but I thought, I want to share with people what about that photo I loved so much. Whether it may be a clothing item I scored on, or a new beauty product I found and fell in love with. I wanted others to experience the same joy it gave me.

okayjoy was born.

okayjoy is a play on words. My first name is Katie but my family and some friends have called me Kay growing up and my middle name is Joy.

okayjoy is my daily mindset. What small joy can I find or make for myself today? With so much going on in our world it is so important to capture small, personal joys throughout your day. okayjoy is a way to live, think, and for me, inspire others to do the same.

I truly hope you all love okayjoy, I know I will love creating it!

Thanks for stopping by!